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Sandy Elevation Grant Approval

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BRIGANTINE - Residents, who've been battling to return to their homes since hurricane sandy, received some good news from the federal emergency management agency. New Jersey officials have approved housing elevation grants for 26 properties in brigantine under its hazard mitigation grant program. The grants are designed to help owners raise their homes to protect against future storm damage. Eligible recipients receive up to $30,000. "We received thousands of applications and some property owner decided it wasn't for them, some didn't qualify," Lawrence Hajna. Some recipient requirement: • Agree to maintain flood insurance • Federal duplication of benefits rules does apply to the grant. • Must receive authorization prior to moving forward with elevating • Must meet certain financial requirements Regina Herz applied for the grant, but she was not one of the lucky 26 brigantine residents. “I'm on a waiting list, unfortunately,” said Regina Herz of Brigantine, NJ. Regina was decided to elevate her home on her own. "I couldn't live like that. My heart goes out to everybody that has to live in that situation. It's a year and a half. How would you like to not know where you're living? I had to get on with my life,” said Herz. Approximately 2,700 primary homes in the nine counties deemed most impacted by hurricane sandy will receive the grant.

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